Surrey Church Monuments

This page links to pages about the monuments in several churches in Surrey, one of the Home Counties surrounding London. Surrey used to stretch right in to what we now think of as South London, to the south of the River Thames. In 1889, the northern bits were absorbed into London - Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth, and much of Bromley and Lewisham. A further expansion of London into Surrey came in 1965, which led to the London boroughs of Kingston upon Thames, Croydon, Sutton, Merton, and the bit of Richmond upon Thames which lies to the south of the river, somewhat compensated by taking on a bit of Middlesex, which was dissolved in the same reorganisation of local government, which saw the obliteration of ancient Middlesex, mostly absorbed into Greater London. Because the churches and their monuments are mostly from the time when Surrey included Lambeth and the rest, the collection below includes these too.

There is no attempt to be systematic here: the links below simply include those churches for which I have written pages describing the monuments. About 600 monuments are noted, of which a lot are plain and a good number are splendid, and everything in between. A few are picked out on a page on Wimbledon Tram Line monuments.

Wimbledon Tram Line monuments // Monuments in some London Churches // Introduction to church monuments


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