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This website is intended for those interested in sculpture and related arts. It covers Victorian and Edwardian sculptors, an amount of earlier sculpture, and material on London sculpture and monuments in London churches, and sculpture in some other towns and cities in England. There is also a section on allegorical sculpture, the 'alphabet' in the list below. As ever, throughout the site, click on any picture to enlarge it in the usual way. Main sections are:

Fairly new is a page introducing Victorian and Edwardian sculpture to give a feel for the types of statuary and sculpture which can be readily found and a way in to other areas of this website.

Other recent additions to this site include a page on Swan statues, a page on unicorn sculpture, and one on phoenix sculpture, and one on camel sculpture. Also a page on Abbots Langley Church in Hertfordshire.

Sculpture of the Month for September is the Tottenham War Memorial in North London, with a statue of an angel by the sculptor L. F. Roslyn.

Thoughts/comments/other regarding this site are welcome, though I am unable to write back to everyone. If you do wish to write, please put some sensible title as anything that looks like it might be spam I generally delete without opening. Please also note that this is not a commercial site, and I neither buy nor sell artworks or prints, nor speculate on values of artworks. Address below, which you will need to type in if you want to contact me, as I've scanned it in to reduce spam.

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