An Alphabet of Allegorical Sculpture

The Virtues.

Allegorical figures - representations of the virtues, emotions, attributes of mankind and so forth -were popular in Victorian sculpture, and many of the most beautiful ideal figures are allegorical. This seems reason enough for a page on this site on allegorical statues. As soon as I began to think about my favourite ones, it was apparent that there were rather a lot of examples of allegorical statues, and hence the idea of some ‘alphabet of allegoricals’. There are not quite enough to do the whole alphabet, even extending to Edwardian statues and on occasion through to the 1930s, but we can go a fair way. The hyperlinked list below gives direct access to many of the individual allegorical statues on this site, or more poetically, you can go in at any point and move a letter forward or backward at a time from the bottom of each page.

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