Sculptures of feet for drawing

Muscular male feet and legs.

While this website is mostly concerned with Victorian and Edwardian sculpture, here is a page of pictures of feet from various sculptural works, intended for those interested in drawing and sketching. Sculptured feet, like hands are good to practice sketching from, to get the basic shapes, because the sculptors tend to emphasise the masses and the bone and muscular structure, and also to ignore the surface variations of ligament and vein and wrinkle which can be distracting detail.

In these photos, I have chosen a variety of foot poses, including male and female feet, feet together, raised, and a couple showing the underside, and some with drapery over the leg - the leg is shown frequently to show the musculature in relation to the foot. I have converted them all to black and white to avoid distraction for the sketch-maker. Some are stone, which is more natural in the fall of light, and some are from bronze statues, which gives a stronger contrast between light and shade, and may include unusual reflections.

Female feet and legs.

As ever, click on the thumbnail pictures to get the larger pictures suitable to draw from.

While anyone finding this page and being interested in it may not be particularly interested in sculptures per se, I would invite you to look at some of the pictures of Victorian and Edwardian sculptures scattered elsewhere on these pages - many with artistic inclinations start from looking at illustrations and paintings, and come late to an appreciation of sculpture. Have a look, for example, at the pages on angels, keystones, spandrels and warrior women, or the Allegorical Figures representative of Sculpture and browse through the alphabet forward or backward from the bottom of each page.

Draped feet and legs.

Feet together.

Underside of the foot.

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