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This page lists later, plain monumental panels in Hampton Church, Middlesex; the more artistically interesting ones are on the main page, here.

  • Mrs Elizabeth Mostyn, d.1785, daughter of Baronet Sir Roger Mostyn, and grand-daughter of the Earl of Nottingham. A simple oval plaque.

  • Richard Cumberland, d.1794, erected by his wife, Lady Albinia Cumberland, d.1850, and son Captain Richard Francis George Cumberland, d.1870. With upper and lower shelves, painted shield of arms.

  • David Garrick, d.1795 [not the famous actor who lived there, and died in 1797, but his nephew], plain panel on black backing.

  • Thomas Crump, d.1796, plain panel with meagre upper shelf.

    Emma Clapcot, d.1797.

  • Emma Horatia Lisle Clapcot, d.1797, white on black, with thin upper shelf, once bearing a low pot, and basal decorations likewise removed: this is the earliest of several similarly shaped pieces, likely a standard stock-in-trade by the same stonemason.

  • Sophia Henrietta Voelcker, d.1799, erected by her aunt Charlotte Beard. White panel with fluted entablature, thin shelves, and cut with small feet.

  • Mary Gardiner, d.1802, with a poem. As for Clapcot, though this one has lost its upper pot.

  • Captain Henry Gerald Fitz-Gerald, d.1803, and his sister, Caroline Georgiana Fitz-Gerald, d.1845 (?), plain panel, on a broader lower base which adds Augusta Dorothea Henrietta Fitz-Gerald, d.1849.

  • Charlotte Dyot Bucknall, d.1803 , and husband Thomas Skip Dyot Bucknall, d.1804, plain white panel.

  • Mary Laurens, d.1806, and her sister, Elizabeth (Laurens) Fisher, d.1806, wife of the Revd John Fisher, d.1806, Rector of Calbor’n [Calbourne] in the Isle of White. Plain white panel.

  • Anne Gardiner, d.1808, with a poem. As for Mary Gardiner etc.

  • Hon. Berkeley Paget, d.1812, and wife Sophia Paget, d.1859, plain white marble plaque on black.

    Thomas Chadwick, d.1817.

  • Thomas Chadwick, d.1817, sister Sarah Chadwick, d.1807, and added later, Mrs Ann Stott, d.1824. White panel with upper and lower shelf and base decorated with two rosettes, with the shadow of a shield of arms between, on shaped black backing.

  • Henry Simmons Smith, d.1820, tomb-chest end style on shaped black backing.

  • Mary Gunthorpe, d.1822, daughter of William Gunthorpe of Antigua, and her sister Elizabeth Cosby, d.1826, wife of Admiral Phillips Cosby. Plain white panel with upper and lower shelves.

  • Rear-Admiral Percy Fraser, d.1827, erected by his wife, Elizabeth Lucy Fraser. White blocky panel with shelf and cut feet, on black shaped backing to give a pediment – a variant on the tomb chest end.

    Simple tomb chest end designs: Fraser, Adderley, Poplett.

  • John Barnett, d.1827, with upper and lower shelves, in darkened white marble or stone.

  • Baronet Sir William Augustus Cunynghame, d.1828, second wife Dame Mary [Udny] Cunynghame, d.1846, and daughter Mary Cunynghame, d.1866. Plain white panel.

  • Catherine Musgrave, d.1829, on a breadboard-shaped streaky white marble panel, unornamented.

  • Benjamin Blake, d.1831, and Mary Esther Blake, d.1832, white panel cut with feet, and with a small shelf with mouldings on top.

  • Dame Ann Yonge, d.1833, wife of the Rt. Hon. Sir George Yonge Bt, plain white panel on black.

  • Spencer Perry Adderley, d.1834, and wife Sarah, afterwards Sarah Waters, d.1869. White tomb chest end, simple and blocky, on shaped black backing.

  • Mary Armstrong (Strettell) Hanbury, d.1835, plain white panel on a black backing.

  • Louisa Augusta Poplett, d.1836, daughter of Sir Nicholas Bayly, Baronet. Cut as a tomb chest end with small feet, two shelves, and on a black shaped backing. See picture above.

  • Vitruvius Lawes, d.1836, plain white panel cut with a frame.

  • The Hon. Cecilia Elizabeth Hopwood, d.1836, plain white panel on black.

  • Thomas Charles Bigge, d.1837, white-on-black panel, cut with feet, an upper shelf, and a shaped black backing.

  • Lieutenant General James Moore, d.1838, and his wife Cecilia Moore, d.1852. Tomb chest end with side frame, small feet, and upper shelf with mouldings. On a black backing.

  • James Campbell, and wife Elizabeth Campbell, partially obscured so I could not see the date but presumably 1820s-30s, simple tomb-chest end on black backing.

  • The Hon. Mrs George Bridgeman, d.1840, wife of the Revd. George Bridgeman. Plain white panel cut with a pointed top, on black backing. Signed by the stonemason, Cowley of Kingston.

  • Charlotte (Townshend) Fauquier, d.1841, and her daughter Henrietta Georgiana, d.1835, and son William Edward Fauquier, d.1850 on an attached panel. Plain shaped panel, upper shelf and black backing.

  • Wustemann family, from 1842-1912, commencing with Johanna Aloysa Albertina Adelied Wustemann, Geboren Baroness von du Fay, d.1842. Plain panel with thin shelves and supports on black backing.

  • Margaret Boyd, d.1844, of Hampton Court Palace. White on black panel.

  • Walter Stott Stanhope, d.1844, and his wife Sarah Stott Stanhope, d.1859. Tomb chest end with moulded upper shelf and feet, on black backing.

  • Charlotte Lady Brooke Pechell, d.1841, Read Admiral Sir John Brooke Pechell, d.1849, and his wife, the Hon. Julia Maria Pechell, d.1844. Plain rectangle.

  • Ann Porter, d.1851, erected by her Nephew and Nieces, siblings of Anne Gardiner noted above. Similar tablet but with larger pot above, the backing cut with upper and lower curves.

    Ann Porter, d.1851.

  • Lt. Col. Charles Francis Seymour, d.1854 at the battle of Inkermann, who perished ‘while in the act of supporting his dying general, Sir George Cathcart’; he was the son of Sir Horace Seymour, whose monument is noted above. White panel on black.

  • Henry Joseph St John, d.1857, white on black.

  • Lieutenant John E Gardiner RN, d.1857, plain white on black backing, last of the several Gardiner panels in the Church.

  • Timothy Healey of Manor House Hampton, who presented the gas fittings to the Church, 1859. Plaque with inscribed line border and small supports.

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