19th Century sculptors - Harry Bates

More works by Harry Bates ARA (1850-1899)

This supplementary page to the note on Harry Bates gives more examples of his sculpture.

Firstly, I wanted to put a few examples of his panels showing scenes from Classical antiquity. All of these show highly modelled figures, nude or with delicately swirling fabrics, composed to bind the figures together and bring the eye from one to another around and across the scene. There is something of the spirit of G. F. Watts in these works. An example of a high relief by the artist in one of the national museums is Dido, in the National Museum in Cardiff.

Homer, and Socrates in the Agora, by Harry Bates.

Endymion and Selene, and Aeneas and Mercury.

One more high relief - this figure of Psyche, which is reminiscent of Bates's Pandora. What a Pre-Raphaelite creature she is, something out of Waterhouse or Herbert James Draper.


The main page on Bates mentioned his piece for the Chartered Accountants Institute, off Moorgate, and here it is. We see two mermen (for more pictures of mermen and mermaids, see this page) with long, curling twin tails and decorative parrot-like wings, acting as Atlantes supporting the corbel, and in between, a shield showing a little figure of Justice with her scales above.

Corbel for Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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